8 Surprising Facts about our Aussie Animals

  1. Emu
    Have two sets of eyelids- one for blinking, and one for keeping dust out.
  2. Dingo
    Have double-jointed paws and can rotate their wrists, enabling them to turn doorknobs. Yikes!
  3. Platypus
    Males have a poisonous spur above the heel of each hind leg which can be used to assert dominance over other males during breeding season.
  4. Lyrebird
    Can imitate the calls of more than twenty other birds as well as the sounds of car alarms, chainsaws and camera shutters
  5. Tasmanian Devil
    Stores fat in its tail to draw on when food is scarce. Only unhealthy Devils have skinny, limp tails!.
  6. Echidna
    Have a tongue covered in sticky mucus that makes it easier for them to catch and snack on ants and termites, eating up to two kilograms in one meal!
  7. Koalas
    Sleep 18-20 hours a day to accommodate their slow metabolism and preserve energy.
  8. Wombat
    Have cube shaped poo to mark their territory as it won’t roll away.

Winter Activities

1-16 July 2017

These Winter School Holidays we will be hosting story telling daily at 1:45pm at the Historical Shelter, right by the warm open fire.

The Sanctuary Soup Festival will also be warming up our visitors, with a new soup on the Sanctuary Harvest menu every day this school holidays.

Daily Presentations


Kangaroos: 11.30am

Tasmanian Devils : 1.30pm

Koalas: 1.30pm

Dingoes: 3.30pm

Tales from Platypus Creek: 11.30am & 2pm

Spirits of the Sky: 12pm & 2.30pm

Kids are FREE!

For children under 16 every day during the Victorian Government School Holidays!

Victorian school holidays for winter are 1-16 July 2017.